Our Brand New Website

Welcome to POWERite !!

We are proud to unveil our brand new redesigned website.

We strive to make your browsing experience exciting and straight forward as you go through our site.

  • User friendly:
    Our website is designed to give you information with ease, just on the click of a button. All you need to know on our products, services, staff, physical location, contact details, past & current projects, newsletters, installations gallery, workmanship, client testimonials and corporate social responsibility. 
  • The “Go Green” Innitiative:
    POWERite is taking the lead in advocating for green energy and saving the environment. Both on educating and implementing levels. Find out through our website, practical ways of how you can contribute to the greening of our environment as an individual and also as an entity or organisation. We can all contribute to a better tomorrow by playing a part in saving our environment today…….#gogreen 
  • Facebook interaction:
    Our new website comes with a new co-relation link to our facebook page. This allows you to stay up to date with our posts without logging on to our website. Much of the information and installations galleries posted on our website will also be available on the POWERite facebook page for your easy access. All you need is to like our facebook page and stay up to date. Go ahead and click the link below and hit “like”, dont be left behind .   https://www.facebook.com/POWERite/            #hitlike
  • Customer feedback:
    We are glad to provide a customer feedback form through this website, that will allow you to give us your valued feedback regards all our products, services, workmanship and client response time. 

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