Heating your water with solar energy can be a rewarding venture that any of us have experienced in more ways than ever imagined. The solar geyser provides a simple and effective solution for hot water any time of the day. Tin short there are several reasons why one should consider solar water heating than electricity.

  • Energy Independence:

Having a solar geyser installed automatically reduces your dependence on the electricity, it will also put less burden on power suppliers to meet the demand .Solar water heating  is as reliable as also heating your water electricity but only with an added advantage, it’s free and clean energy. As long as the sun is shining, you’ve got energy to heat your water on a daily basis and all year round. It reduces your utility bill by 50%. Energy independence can be a very gratifying experience.

  • Environmental Impact:

Most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels and this results in an array of environmental problems that include climate change, acid rain, land degradation, and damage to the vegetation itself. Why risk the environment, when we can take advantage of the sun which falls freely on Earth, ready to be used for our own energy needs? This is why we need to consider using solar water heating; there is no environmental harm from using solar to heat your water.

  • Financial Benefits:

Choosing to use solar water heating to replace electrical water heating comes with financial savings on your utility bill. Electric water heating, contrary to popular belief has a high energy consumption rate even if you switch it of time to time. It is easy to see 50% to 100% savings on your bill within a period of time. All you need is a proper specking of a solar geyser and the system will start serving and at the same time saving your pocket. It also comes with a low maintenance cost and NO running cost.

Other benefits of a Solar Geyser.

  • Solar is free hot water.
  • A solar system increases the value of your property.
  • A solar Geyser is the only appliances that save you money.
  • Generate FREE, clean energy while preserving the environment.
  • Saves up to 50% of your electricity bill.
  • 10 Year warranty and 20 year life expectancy.

Why You Need A Solar Geyser

A solar geyser is cost effective and great in case of Zesa outage

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