Power Saving Tips!

As the demand of energy keeps growing within urban and rural areas in our country it has also created a growth in pollution and also have driven to climate changes… (ELNINO).Becoming more energy efficient is the cheapest and fastest way to cut energy bills and reduce carbon pollution. Here are some tips that will help you join 1000’s who are becoming more cognizant on energy saving.

1. Replace existing bulbs with LED energy saving bulbs:

LED bulbs consume less power and run longer than the normal incandescent, CFL bulbs and fluorescent tubes. It is best you replace the your lighting system with the LED as they draw power 5 times lesser than normal bulbs.

2. Use a well insulated fridge:

Always consider using a well insulated fridge. It reduces the power consumption down to 50% and it will enable you to run you fridge flawlessly without drawing too much power during the course of the day. Further to a good insulated fridge keep on the look for a small efficient and effective fridge. they tend to remain cold when switched off of longer period. If you looking to replace your old fridge we recommend you look out for a small, well insulated fridge.

3. Switch off equipment when not in use:

Make sure that you switch off all printers, scanners, microwave, lights, air conditioners,TV sets when you not using then at that moment. most home appliances or office equipment draw power even if they are plugged in and hibernating. Switching them electrical gadgets will see you save a great deal and also reduce your energy bill.

4. Use LED TV rather than a Plasma TV:

The LED TV is unarguably the most affordable energy efficient television on the market right now. It has a good quality picture and at the same time draws less energy than other TVs. Further to that always switch of your TV set when not watching it. Switching it to sleep mode wont help it will still consume energy. Always be on the look out for appliance and gadgets that will help you be Eco-friendly saving energy at the same time.

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