Did you know about a gas geyser?


A gas geyser is an instant  water geyser that uses LPG gas and works independently without any back-up electricity. This geyser gives you hot water on demand. For it to work well it needs good pressure  from your water source and gas in your tank.With the rising costs of electricity and conventional methods of water heating, gas geysers can save you money month on month. With a gas water heater, you are not paying for your geyser to be kept hot all the time, as this geyser system works with a pulse igniter that ignites the instant you open your hot water tap. Similarly the second you close the hot water tap your gas water heater will stop. This is the most efficient method of hot water systems available. Unbelievable saving with 1kg of LPG heating more than 600ltrs of use hot water.


·        You can save up to 40% of your total power usage by moving away from electric geyser.

·        Unlike other geysers, solar/electric you are guaranteed  to have hot water whenever you require it.

·        Unlike electric geyser, with gas geyser you are not affected with power cuts its safe than ever imagined.

.     Ability to control your temperature of hot water, ie for cooking or for a shower

·        Fitted with gas fail sensor, making it highly safe for use

·        No more worry about ceiling stain caused by water leaks from geyser, gas geyser is wall mounted.

·        Can supply the whole house/ compound no matter how many bathrooms, kitchens

·        You will never experience the problems you have with solar/ electric geyser again if you switch to a gas geyser.

Gas Geysers For Use In:
Normal Domestic Houses, Townhouses, Duplexes, Flats, Laundries, Workshops, Factories, Holiday Resorts, Caravan Parks, Game Farms, Guest Houses, Hotels, Low Cost Housing Units, Service Stations, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Shops, Farms, Clinics & Surgeries. Any location where hot water is required.

For more information on how Gas Geysers can save you money and for a full quote please contact us today! Think smart! Think Gas Geyser! Think POWERgas on Gas Products.

For peace of mind let POWERite arrange an Installation with qualified Gas installers to ensure safe and standard operation. This automatically Qualifies you for the five year Warranty


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    need more info on gas geyser

  • tanaka

    A gas geyser Tanaka is an instant water heater without a tank. When you open hot water it senses demand and it automatically turn on and start heating water. this process takes 2sec or less and hot water starts to get delivered. Differing with the distance from geyser to hot water tap you will receive hot water at desired temp instantly as hot water follows cleared cold water that might be i the pipeline.

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