Get a gas geyser & start saving

  • You can save up to 50% of your total power usage by moving away from electric geyser
  • gas geyser1
  • Unlike other geysers, solar/electric you are guaranteed  to have hot water whenever you require it.
  • Gas geyser is not weather dependent like solar geyser  which performs well in sunlight.
  • Unlike electric geyser, with gas geyser you are not affected with power cuts its safe than ever imagined
  • Fitted with gas fail sensor
  • No more worry about ceiling stain caused by water leaks from geyser, gas geyser is wall mount.
  • Can supply the whole house/ compound no matter how many bathrooms, kitchens
  • You will never experience the problems you have with solar/ electric geyser again if you switch to a gas geyser.


  • With 1kg of gas you heat up 800litres of hot water…….. on demand.



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